Tuner crashes Cubase Artist 6!

Inserting Steinberg’s own Tuner on an audio track crashes my Cubase Artist!

64 bit Cubase, on Win 7 64 bit…

Hi Mixa,

any specific channel configuration, asio block size or sample rate ?

It works fine here.


Also everything is working fine here. Could you perhaps attach a project here in the forum where this behaviour happens ?



Steinberg Warp was inserted on the same channel, maybe that’s the reason…
Still, no excuse…

Tested some more today, it happens only in one particular project. I cannot attach it since it is almost 1.5Gb.
It was originally made in Cubase 5.

After restarting the computer a couple of times, it doesn’t happen anymore, but it did happen under certain circumstances, so I hope this will be somewhat usefull.