Tuner does not work under Cubase 11

Can someone explain why Steinbergs Tuner tool does not work under Cubase 11?
I have created a audio (mono) track, engaged Monitor. Audio signal is present and is visable in the mixer. loaded the Tuner as an insert. But he will not react on the input signal.
When I do axactly the same in Cubase 10.5 it works right away!

Thanx a lot in advance.

I have no explanation…
Tested it in Nuendo 11 with the same result

Can you please tag your topic with Cubase 11?

Works for me – Cubase 11 Pro, Win 10 (1909)

I’m assuming you don’t have this (or all) Audio Inserts bypassed?

Nothing bypassed on my project where I tested it.

Do you hear audio from the track where the Cubase Tuner is inserted as Audio Insert?

OK… more detail…

I use Nuendo 11, but should be the same in Cubase 11.
inserted the “Tuner” at a Bass track of a current project
I can hear Audio, but the tuner does not detect notes, it looks randomly what it is showing

No bypass is active

Yes I hear and see audio in the mixer on this track

Did you guys check the tuner’s batteries? Har har har!:drum::hole:

Sorry, it was a bad one. I’m also sorry to say that I’ve never managed to get Cubase’s tuner to listen to a bass, no matter what. Adding pre-gain, boosting frequencies before the tuner, inserting the tuner post fader and slamming the fader, nothing works. It just can’t listen to low frequencies reliably. And in my opinion, it’s a pity for a DAW of Cubase’s calibre to offer a tuner that is so and so. Either have it work properly or remove it.:man_shrugging:


OK I tested it again and indeed it works on a violin track but not on the bass or guitar track