Tuner not working at all

Hey guys,

When I use the tuner vst as an audio insert on a vst instrument track it does not work (nothing happens in tuner).

I have a vst track with battery 4 and a kick on it going on every beat. I can hear that fine. I have the tuner as an audio insert but it does not work. I put the driver distortion vst as another audio insert after the tuner and that works fine. I also tried switching the monitor on and off on the track (as suggested on some other posts) but that did not change anything. Also if I click on the mute button on the tuner (the little circle at the bottom of tuner in the middle) that does mute the kick, so the signal is going through I imagine.

I thought may be it’s because I’m using a vst instrument track. So I’ve setup an audio track, added the kick as a wave and added tuner as an audio insert but same thing, nothing shows up in tuner.

I’m using Cubase 7.5.3, windows 8.1 and a Mackie blackbird audio interface if that helps.

Also see attached screen shot.

If someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if you have any questions too.

Thank you so much in advance!

The tuner is designed for sustained, single notes, like a guitar or piano, not a kick drum.

There might be something in this, I’ve not had time to check more in depth.
A few days ago I wanted to quickly lay down a bass track and put the tuner in an insert on the track, turned on monitoring but no response although the track meter was registering. I moved it to the input track and there it worked no problem. I thought this odd at the time, but haven’t had time to investigate. Possibly it’s something to do with direct monitoring being active, perhaps it needed to be pre-fader, but I’m not sure, I was in a hurry.

Absolutely! :smiley: Drums are, by their very nature, atonal (well, there are of course some deliberately tuned exceptions :wink: ), but if the source instrument isn’t actually generating a recognisable pitch, how could you expect the Tuner to detect one? :wink:

… Or (trying to read between the lines :wink: )… are you misunderstanding what the Tuner plugin is designed to do? It is for use as a … errm… “Tuner”… e.g. is that guitar note really playing A440? It is not (what I may be suspecting you think.) a Pitch plugin (for changing the pitch of the source material).

I’ve tried more things with the tuner and can confirm it works as @jaslan and @vic_france said for sustained single notes (I used a pad for that test).
I was just hoping to get a quick pitch reading from the tuner and not actually changing the pitch of the drum. So I’m using a spectrum analyser now.
Thank you all very much for your quick replies!