Tuning aid for Percussion?

I find I struggle with tuning, say a kick drum, so that the beat matches the note of an instrument.

Does Cubase have a clever gizmo that will tune or aid the tuning of percussion instruments? If so, how precise is it, does it go beyond semitone into cents?

If I have overlooked the relevant section the operations manual that addresses this (hopefully existent) feature, please reference me a page number :wink:

You could puck up a tension tuner from a drum shop, it will tell you what your head is tuned toand you coukd use that as a starting point to make pitch adjustments. I think LP has a shell tuner as well.

What type of music are you mixing? It sounds like the drum may be tuned too high. An easier bet for you may be drum replacement for the kick to something that is what you want.
I tune everything by ear using a tone generator well, the toms at least. As far as the kick note, a lot has to do with the front reso head for the note. Most of your punch is going to come from the beater head and if you tune the beater head too tight, you will get a “boingie” sound that will be harder to drive a song. Any kind of damping you use to lower the note will make the actual note less audible. If you are going for a resonant note on the kick, you would want a heavy reso head without a hole in it as that will let you get an actual note out of it easier and have sustain to it, even if you use felt strips to control it.

You could try using a “Snark” “Super tight” I just clipped one on a tom and it told me the note I had it tuned to which wound up being a “G” unison top/bottom.

There is a tuner in Cubase, but I don’t know how helpful it would be. You could use a cubase synth to generate the note you are aiming for and tune to it as well.

Drum tuning is an art and can be a royal pain. It took me years to figure it out but once I did, it became one of those finishing touches that really aids the song and rhythm section. It is amazing how much tuning the snare and toms to the key of the song adds cohesiveness. Nice to see someone else doing it.

Good Luck.