Tuning Detection?

I am remastering sound and music for a film made in the 80s which was recently converted from film to digital. Some of the music is recorded by a European string quartet, and may have been recorded at 442 Hz. In some cases 445 Hz seemed to match best. Besides using one’s ear, are there any techniques to come up with an accurate estimate of a recording’s tuning?

As an example, if I were to take a recording of a Beethoven symphony and transpose it by an arbitrary amount (.767 semitones) it seems like there should be a way to detect this via software, rather than guessing by ear. It’s primitive, but by holding a tuning app to the speaker, I was able to tell that it thought each note was consistently sharp (the app was set to 440Hz equal temperament).

Why will it help you to know?

Can one of the stock Tuner or Waves plugins do the same?

Yes it’s called WavesTune: http://www.waves.com/plugins/waves-tune#tuning-vocals-with-waves-tune

Melodyne can also do this on a much more advanced level but also with a much steeper price tag.

There’s probably some spectrum analyzers that can tell you the pith, but only with that information you can’t do much. Of course you can also generate a sinus wave and tune it to the music by ear?


A little info on concert pitch.