Tuning issues

Hi everyone,

I’ve a project that contains a lot of tracks and among them VST instruments coming from HALion Sonic and Prologue.

The issue is that I would like to tune my instruments in a non 12 tone equal temperament, for exemple to lower the C some 15 cents etc.

The MIDI Effect Micro Tuner allows to do it, but unfortunately it works only with the HALion instruments, not with the Prologue ones.

Does someone have the solution to it ? Is there another way in Cubase to tune your VST instruments accordingly ? If not maybe an external tuning plug-in that works with Cubase instruments exist ?

Thanks for helping


You could make a Logical Editor. If Pitch is Equal C, add Pitch Bend value X. If Pitch is Equal D, add Pitch Bend value Y, etc.

Thanks for your answer, unfortunately I’ve no idea how to make a Logical Editor, could you tell me more about it ? Or if it’s complicated maybe we could do a Skype/Zoom session ? Obviously I’d pay you accordingly to the time we spend :slight_smile:


Select the MIDI Part, and from MIDI menu choose Logical Editor. Then make a preset for your C note:

(Type is | Equal | Note | And
Pitch | Note is Equal | C )
Type | Set to fixed value | Pitchnend
Value 1 | Set to fixed value | X
Value 2 | Set to fixed value | y

Hi, thanks again, I’ve succeded to play with the Logical Editor but it allows me only to fix an entire value of the note, for example My C can become a C sharp if I put 1 in the adding value but what I’d like is something in between C and C sharp and if I put 0.5 for instance it goes back automatically to 0… :frowning: Does anybody have an idea how to fix it ?
And by the way you need to put transform in the end not insert

On those instruments that support it, the Mirco Tuner might be useful in this.



Could you please share screenshot of your Logical Editor settings?

To me it sounds, you didn’t use the right Action and Function.

In the Action, you have to set:
Type | Set to fixed value | PitchBend

So the new PitchBend MIDI Message has been created. If you don’t use this, you are still manipulating with the MIDI Note values instead of PitchBend.

And also make sure you set the Function to Insert, to don’t change the values, but insert a new MIDI Message (PitchBend).

Just copy the Logical Editor settings, as I wrote and exchange the X and Y values by the PitchBend MSB and LSB value, you want to use.

Thanks Martin, I’m sharing you a screenshot so. It’s in french but hopefully it’s not very diffcult to translate, if any doubt ask me :

Hauteur de note = Note pitch, it’s what appears when I enter value 1in the upper part
Régler à valeur fixe = Set to fixed value
Ajout = Addition

I’ve tried different options unsuccessfully, if you succed doing it please send me a screeshot too. In this example I’m trying to increase my E4 let’s say in something between E4 and F4
Would be awesome if you find me the solution :bulb: :unamused:

And btw I’m not sure what means MSB and LSB


First, your Function is set to Transform, not to Insert. So you change the MIDI Note instead of adding it.

Second, PitchBend is using high-precision (+/-8192) steps. You need 2 values (MSB and LSB) for it, if you want to keep this high-precision.

See attached screenshot, please. This will send a PitchBend to change the E to the E##.

Thanks again, I’ve tried exactly as you did but unfortunately it moves the pitchbend of all the notes together and not only the E for a reason I can’t explain.
For you it is not the case ?
And I’m not sure why you put that line with C6 in the bottom part as when I remove it I get exactly the same result :exclamation:


This is preset for E note only. You have to make presets for every single pitch and apply them one by one.

The Value 1 C6 is actually Value 1 96. MIDI Note 96 = C6. But there is an issue in Logical Editor, it shows the value of the Filter, so it translates and shows the value to the MIDI Notes, even though we need to see the value of the PitchBend. But it process it correctly.

Many instruments support arbitrary tuning through scala tuning files. For example Omnisphere. If this is important to you, you should be using those instruments.

The important thing is that the tuning remains stable in the position where you originally tuned. So, your open strings will still be in tune if you go back and check even though it sounds terrible elsewhere.Chances are really good that a decent setup will take care of this.