Tuning/Notational "pre-measure"


I’m attempting to create a mini-staff preceding a system start that resembles something like the image shown, though I am using it for temple block notation. Also, I’m trying to NOT add an “actual” measure, but a non-playing visual in the score for a single staff in a system. Is adding in something like this possible? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 12.05.03 PM

Are you adding it just in the part or in the score as well?
Will other staffs need this "incipit’ structure?

The other staffs will not! Here is the system in question. I want to add the notational figure as a stack of noteheads or a scale of them to indicate which temple blocks should be played, etc. Currently it is sitting within the music, but I am attempting to create that sort of structure outside of just that staff.

You might find that adding it as a graphic is the simplest way to do it for now, or possibly even as a separate flow that contains only a single bar that you superimpose onto the music with an additional music frame.