Hi, if I’m correct the Micro Tuner MIDI Effect only works with some VST instruments and not others like the Prologue and Mystic ones. More and more people ask for a way to tune their whole VST instruments according to their taste, it’d be great to have this feature available soon in an upcoming release,
Thanks !

You cannot tune a VSTi with midi unless the instrument support it through a CC. Midi notes do not send the actual note to the instrument, it just send a corresponding value between 0-127 which the instrument then knows which note that correspond to the received value.
You can change the pitch with a plugin on the audio return channel.

Ok, thanks for your answer, could you tell me which plug-in on the audio return channel could work for this issue ? And btw I’m not sure what a CC is :confused:

Midi CC stands for continuous controller.

Why you wanna tune your midi instrument, why not just move the notes to whatever key you want it to be in?


So actually I wanna tune my instruments in a non 12 equal tone system, for example lower the Do by 15 cents in all my tracks etc. That’s why I cannot just move the notes to the key I want it to be in…

Use any pitch plugin or render to audio and use Variaudio, Melodyne or similar.

I’ve tried with Vairaudio but the result is quite poor as you can’t really control where a note begins and ends, indeed I’m working with vst instrument track so I need first to export to wav and then import back the audio track.
If you know any external plug-in that’d work better I’m interested

I believe you got some good suggestions in the other thread you created about same subject.