Hi all,

I’ve got a bit of a recurring problem. I occasionally find that Dorico will suddenly drop in tuning, but it’s across the board and I only realise when I play something in my piano which is then a tone or so higher. Not a major issue, I just restart and the problem seems to go away.

However, I’ve recently had that problem and after a restart everything has been fine, but I have had a slightly flat viola. It’s not massively out of tune, but it seems to be varying quite a bit and going almost a quarter tone flat at times. I’ve uploaded a little example which you can hopefully hear the discrepancy.

I’m using Dorico, Dorico 5 AudioEngine Version
and NotePerformer

Any suggestions? Or is it just I’ve gone crazy!


You have a sample rate mismatch, most likely. Follow Daniel’s advice in this thread:

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I have exactly the same problem. I’m running Dorico on Windows 10 with 32GB RAM, oodles of fast disk space and the Steinberg UR22C audio interface, which I updated the drivers of, this morning. I’m writing an orchestral piece and sometimes, the flute will go slightly flat, then I’ll stop and restart play and it will improve, or it will go flat again after a few notes. Then another time the violas will go flat, or the french horn. As a person with perfect pitch, it makes me want to jump out of a window. :grinning: So, I saw Daniel’s fix, which I will apply. Question: the sample rate is currently 48000. But high audio quality is usually 16 bit 44100. Should I change it to 44100? What’s the best? Why is it set to 48000?

48k is the common standard for most applications, as far as I know. Yeah, nobody can really tell the difference between that and 44.1, no matter what my audio engineer friends claim…

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I agree. Also, you have to make sure everything’s using the same sample rate, or it all goes weird. This more so in Cubase. I’m using some sampled guitar loops recorded in 44100, but my project was in 48000 and it all went complete out of tune, until I put it all to 44100, which fixed it, of course. lol

Despite trying Daniel’s advice and swapping the sample rate, then back again, I’m still getting the issue, although possibly not quite as much. My next Dorico project, I’ll try NotePerformer, instead of Halion 7 and the Sketch thing.

If you’re still having problems with playback being out of tune, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here. That will allow us to see your configuration.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (1.2 MB)
Hi, here’s the diagnostic. I hope this is helpful.

Hi Dan, the difference between 44.1 and 48k isn’t so much about audible quality as it is about delivery medium. The CD standard dictates 44.1k so traditionally audio-only projects would use that (or a multiple). Video or film projects use 48k. The goal is to avoid sample rate conversion whenever possible. The choice of those frequencies was mainly dictated by the frame rates of the media in common use at the time. The “audibility” arguments are usually about higher multiples of these (88.2, 96, 192k etc) and whether or not the difference in quality is worth the extra computing and storage overhead.
In case you were wondering :smiley:


Thanks for attaching the diagnostics, David. So far as I can see from looking at both Dorico’s application log and the audio engine’s own logs, you’re using the Yamaha ASIO driver at 48kHz, and everything seems to be in order.

Hi, yes, I have my suspicions that it’s not Dorico, but rather my cheap USB-C card, because my computer doesn’t have USB-C on the MB. So, I will invest in a better card with a higher data speed.