Tunning at 443

I´m working on a project that the musicians set the tunning of their instruments at 443, where do I change my 440 reference to do VariAudio to that 443 ?

So, you want to deliver the production in 440Hz, right ? If so, this can be achieved in your soundcard settings (if the soundcard offers fine-tuning of the clock). Since you didn’t specify your sound card, it’s hard to tell. For RME this would be under the register card “DDS”, then tune the large slider to the corresponding FS. If you work in 44.1kHz, that would mean you needed to tune the FS to 44.400,7 Hz.

If they want to deliver it in 443, you don’t have to do nothing.

What I meant was the pitch, A=440.
They did it because it fits better the temper of their instruments as far as I know.
Classical Orchestras tune at 442 for example.


I don´t want to change the project´s pitc, but I want to correct a few pitch problems and I know the reference pitch is 440 for A4.

I’m resurrecting this old thread because there was no answer. Is there a way to set the center frequency for variaudio. If we do not want to change the pitch of the instrument, but want to tune the vocal to the instrument, how do we proceed. In Melodyne, this is a basic setting.

How did this all come out musically in the end please?
Very interested as it seems there is definitely something to this tuning standard (used allegedly by the NYC Philharmonic) and I seem to remember that 440 came about from the Nazi era…although this may be completely whacko.

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