Tupac-Static Mix 2-REMIX (TweekCoast)

This is a remix I made with Cubase 6. These are strictly my own lyrics! The instrumental is not my own ( the main kicks and such) but I added some FX to the song. I know the song sounds Staticy… but I intended it to be so! ENJOY!


I listened a bit to all your pieces, and it sounds like a live karaoke show sometimes. Your voice with a pub like reverb
Drenched way back in the music. If you want to sound oldskool, then maybe you are a bit in the right direction, I mean I remember hey you the rocksteady crew, and those vocals were also with a lot of reverbs and deep in the mix.

But if you want to make it more contemporary then I suggest to make it a lot dryer, and use fast attack/release on the compressor to flatten it out so you can put the vocals more upfront.

The total mix itself also sounds like you listen to a soundset form a distance. There is no stereo field. But if you use existingtrack, well then there is not a lot you can do.

On a personal note, I listened to the mix but MotherF… and Nig…, I can’t really understand that kind of language in music. I can understand a curse sometimes, things need to be said, but in some rapmusic it’s sort of a thing you have to do I suppose. I would applaude a stylebreak in that area.

For this static mix i was actually trying for a static/old school kinda sound! This original track was so…
I am putting up tracks also for feedback so people like you could give some nice advice for me!
If you knew me you would understand why I curse. They are just words and it depends on how you use them.
Saying F*** or something else while angry is just to release anger. Also I despise racism! The N word I use stands for Never ignorant getting goals accomplished.
Take some time and listen to Tupac Shakur’s music. He may swear a lot but try to understand where his music is coming from just like mine.