Tupet of 4 crotchets in 9/8 bar

Hi all
I can’t write this tuplet of 4 crotchets in this 9/8 bar. Does anyone have a solution for that. Thanks.

Dear jeepi,
I’ve seen that problem on the FB Dorico page… You cannot use contracting ratio, because the tuplet would not be contracting, but expanding (four and a half crotchets fit in that bar — some say you should use minims because they insist on having greater rhythmic values in tuplets than what can fit, I mean the ratio is supposed to be >1)
I have tried, and the only way I find to achieve that is to have a 8:9 ratio with quavers, hide the number and use shift-X tool to input 4.

Dear Dorico devs, do you think this is something we could achieve? I tried with minims, and with contracting ratio 8 is the lowest number I can get…
Capture d’écran 2018-08-14 à 11.28.58.png

This is a fudge but it’s likely a more reliable one than using Shift-X text (which may stray if the music layout changes in future).

Set the caret at the start of the 9/8 bar.
Type 5 for quaver/eighth.
Type ; (or whatever your localised shortcut is) for tuplet popover.
Type 8:9 then Enter/Return.

This should give you this:

Then, with the caret still in place, without doing anything else:
Type 6 for crotchet/quarter.
Type ; for the tuplet popover
Type 4:4 then Enter/Return.
Input your notes.

This should give you this:

Then click the “8” tuplet number or bracket and go down to the bottom properties panel (still in Write mode).
Turn on the toggles for Number and Bracket and you should find that the 8:9 tuplet disappears, like so:

Remember to repeat this final stage (hiding the 8:9 tuplet) separately in the part, or if you’re doing this after Dorico 2.1 comes out then remember to propogate the property of the tuplet to the part!

Thank you, folks. I knew that this forum was of an unequalled reactivity but here I am convinced. Thank you Marc I had come to the same conclusion as you but unsatisfactory to my taste. I prefer Pianoleo’s way that will keep this layout intact. So thank you Pianoleo for your responsiveness and insight.

Any time!

Dear Leo,
Thanks for that trick ! I did not think of nested tuplets, that’s the way to go — until the devs allow us a more direct way to contract contracted numbers :wink:

Hi experts. I have not yet switched over to Dorico 3. Is there anything new which makes this easier?

No change in this department.

Seeing as the bar is made up of three beats of dotted quarters, wouldn’t a quadruplet of dotted quarters make more sense, semantically?