Tuplet Abbreviation?


I’m curious… is this tuplet notation possible in Dorico as an actual feature, or is it only possible to achieve this effect by putting text over the tremolo’d note to “fudge” it?

I don’t have a solution for your question. But if we are talking about abbreviations, I have a very similar question. I don’t think Dorico offers an option for this notation yet either, or am I mistaken?

Yes, it is possible in Dorico.

Enter the 6-tuplet and 12-tuplet as 16th-note tuplets (6:4 and 12:8 respectively).
Select the first note of the 6-tuplet which you want to abbreviate and change it to a dotted quarter note. Then add the 2-stroke tremolo marking.
Similarly for the 12-tuplet - select the first note and change it to a dotted half note, then add the 2-stroke tremolo.
You will possibly need to flip the tuplet numbers using F, and also hide tuplet brackets using the Properties panel.

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Then enter a dotted quarter note and add a two-stroke single note tremolo.



Repeats.pdf (16.1 KB)
Not an option but perhaps this workaround.
Making 4 bars of 1/4 timesignature and hiding the barlines.

Thanks, this is quite similar even though the signs don’t match. Actually I thought about your solution too, but the spacing gets messy and the workaround with the space correction takes a lot of time and in my piece of music this abbreviation happens in a lot different ways. But thank you anyhow.

Is this what you want?


For the repeat symbol, I created a new notehead set containing a new notehead with four instances of noteheadSlashHorizontalEnds (U+E101). The second through fourth instances have X-Offsets of -9.50, -6.00 and -9.50, respectively.


Wow!! and thanks! I still don’t use all those graphical possibilities enough. The playback would be another issue :innocent: