tuplet and copying/moving/pasting/splitting a voice


It is incredible how Dorico treats the notated information in duplicating, moving and splitting.
However, I have a problem regarding tuplets when moving the some notes in chords to a new voice.
Let’s see an example:

As you see in the example above, Dorico does not consider the tuplet when changing the voice of the selected items. It also occurs in moving and copying items.
It is of course very logical, but it is inconvenient on another hand.
Is there any way that Dorico lets preserve the tuplets in this process?

The only thing showing in that screenshot is the Voices submenu. Try again.

Oops, thanks!
I reuploaded the file.

See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=133946, an old topic (that predates the Explode function) that discusses this exact problem.
Instead of doing this manually, use the Paste Special > Explode function, which does what you’re trying to do, automatically.

I prefer to use Explode for distributing the notes to other staves, but it also can be used for this purpose. Thanks for the tip!