Tuplet anomaly

4/4 time signature. Half note on beat three (and four). Go to make a quarter note triplet beginning on beat 1 - when I do so, it takes part of the pitch on beat three and moves it earlier in the bar so it is part of the triplet. The only way I can get what I want is to put in the triplet first - I can’t do it after the pitch on beat three has been entered. The attached shows this: the first measure has what I described, the second measure (fourth line) shows what happens when I attempt the triplet. The measure above is what I get (and want) if I begin with the triplet.

I’m sure this is user error, and not a bug, but I would like to know what that error is!

If the last half of the bar is a half note, Dorico assumes you want the tie to maintain the duration. So, make at least one quarter note/rest, create tuplet, then input half note.

I should clarify a bit. Dorico takes into consideration 3 quarter values when it creates the tuplet. Usually, you would input the 3 notes you want to be included in the tuplet. Since the 3rd quarter value is part of a half note, it creates the tie.

This is indeed a little bug and it will be fixed in the forthcoming update.

Ok, got it - not hard to work around. Good to know that I wasn’t missing something (painfully) obvious!

Appreciate the quick replies.