tuplet beaming

Hi, would be nice if you could use the same options creating tuplets as creating time signatures.
[4+1]:4 would create a quintuplet with a 4+1 beaming.


I can’t figure out how to make a sixteen note quintuplet with a quarter note and a sixteen note even with force duration. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

  1. select 16-notes
  2. invoke tuplet popover - enter 5:4
  3. select 4-notes
  4. click Force duration - enter first note
  5. select 16-notes - enter 16-note…


Ah, thanks fratveno, that worked.


But when I add a tie from a previous note before the tuplet the 4-note changes back to an 8-note tied to a 16-note

Yes, when you have selected the notes to tie, you need to press Force Duration before you hit Tie…

Ok, thanks.