tuplet bracket problems

Just switched to new machine with win10 which solved some of the problems I was previously having. I am working on a new piece and in 2/4 time have a grouping of 4 sixteenth note triplets. I have the setting at Show Only When Necessary but I’m getting them all the time. Even if I remove the brackets in preferences they keep coming back. Don’t understand why this would be happening.

Are the sixteenth triplets beamed together? If so Dorico always thinks that brackets are necessary, even if secondary beams are broken.
‘Remove the brackets in preferences’… Do you mean in Engraving Options or in the Properties panel?

In engraving options I selected show when necessary but have to remove them manual in properties, which is just more time taken up. They are usually beamed in groups of 2 with the secondary beam broken. I didn’t used to have this problem.

Ok, that’s what I thought.
In my experience, with a block selection and the tuplet filter, removing the brackets is reasonably quick. I have assigned shortcuts to the filters I use most – that makes things very easy.

Daniel, would you consider adding an option for this in Engraving Options? When secondary beams make it obvious which notes belong to a tuplet, Dorico could omit the bracket according to the ‘Show only when necessary’ option. I’d appreciate it.

I’d appreciate it too Florian. Thanks