Tuplet brackets too near

Hi community,

Where can i control the distance of these brackets from another?
This seems to be a little narrow for my eyes.

You can edit them individually in Engrave mode. I’m not aware of a global option, though I’m going from memory at the moment.

This might be a case where using a stemlet at the 16th rest and turning off the bracket (leaving just the number) might look nicer.

There isn’t a default engraving option for the distance between brackets, but there are options for the additional distance between notes and the left/right hooks on tuplet brackets - you could try reducing that and see if it helps? (On the Tuplets page in Engrave>Engraving Options)

Or, depending on your layout and whether having an additional system would fit, if you input a system break before the multi-bar rest (i.e. at the end of the pause bar) that might give a bit more horizontal breathing room for the tuplets.

Sure, engrave mode is always an option, but this is not a very rare case as this first screenshot is from the part with plenty of space.
This is the situation in full score galley view:

I hope the team might look over it again… :wink:

Well, galley view collides all sorts of elements that end up looking correct in page view. So that’s not a good indicator of Dorico’s spacing algorithms.

In this case Galley view is showing what the score really looks like at 100% horizontal justification. The first picture must be slightly stretched to fill up the page width.

Try increasing the note spacing for quarter notes from 4 to at least 5, maybe 6 or 7. (You will only see the change in Page view, not Galley view).