Tuplet compression: Possible, or even useful?

I stumbled upon a use-case that could be useful to some. Is it possible already, and if not, would it be a useful feature?

In a strumming pattern, I have an arpeggiated strum that includes a tuplet:
The pattern sounds good as written, but in considering a range of expression, the tuplet figure could actually be slightly delayed and compressed, like so:

and so:

It took several steps to change the original tuplet to the two variations that followed. I was thinking it would be very useful to be able to select the tuplet, along with the target ending note, and to invoke a command that would allow one to use the arrow keys to either compress or expand the tuplet within the selected grouping, probably to the next step in the selected grid resolution.

Is this possible? And if not, would anyone else find this to be a useful feature request?


Very interesting! Would it be appropriate to write this with grace notes? That would leave the specific speed up to the player.

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You’re right, this really should be written as an ornament. That being said, it seems like the option to compress or expand a tuplet might be a desirable option.