Tuplet engraving option: tuplet brackets only when necessary

Some of the tuplet engraving option is seemingly not working for me. I selected to show tuplet brackets only when necessary, but they are always shown, even for simple cases like triples of three repeated eighths notes. Is this a know problem?



This is the default setting and should take effect as soon as you enter a time signature or beam groups together…

Torsten, it would be interesting to know a little more about the specific situations you have encountered where it does not appear that the engraving options are taking effect. Can you zip up and attach a project here so I can take a look?

Thanks for your quick responses! Attached is a Dorico project of just a few bars with two tuplets. I hope you would agree that the brackets are not necessary in these cases, but it seems the relevant option does not allow me to take them out.

BTW: This is a short extract from a little piece with lots of playing technique instructions. I tried to get rid of all that for you, but I could not delete the last one still showing. I is attached to the G# just underneath, I can move it in Engrave Mode, but seemingly not select it in Write Mode, and hence I seemingly cannot delete it.

Thanks again!

Tuplet-demo.dorico.zip (161 KB)

Torsten, was this a MusicXML import? I did (as I always do :slight_smile:) Edit/Reset Appearance and the triplets normalized to default…

I did Edit/Reset Appearance

Ah, great! That solves it.

was this a MusicXML import

Yes, originally I imported it via MusicXML. (Very much information is still lost during that import, like most dynamics, text with playing techniques, fermatas etc. but I guess the Dorico developers know that).


Yes, when you import a MusicXML file, we try our best to preserve the original appearance of things like tuplet brackets, so they are effectively overridden (which you can see if you select them and look in the Properties panel). In the forthcoming update you will be able to set preferences for MusicXML import so you can choose what should and should not be imported from MusicXML files.