Tuplet grouping into 2x6 32th

Im confused.

I have 1 beat with 12 32th notes, beeing grouped into 4x3 tuplets.

I want to have: 1 beat with 12 32th notes, beeing grouped into 2x6 tuplets.

How can I achieve that, using popover tuplets? I dont get it.

Are you describing the way the notes are beamed together or the appearance of the tuplet brackets/numbers?

I want them to be beamed together having a 6 above them each of the 2 groups.

Engage insert mode on. (i)
Delete the unwanted tuplet marking. This will expand your music and it will look like mess. Select the first note of the tuplet. Invoke the tuplet popover (depends on your language). Write 6:4x enter. Do the same with next 6tuplet. Done. Disengage insert mode.

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What Marc said, except you should be able to select all 12 notes and then type ; 6:4x Enter (once)


Thanks Leo. I wasn’t sure of this, but clearly faster workflow !

It’s something that @Lillie_Harris pointed out to me very recently :wink:


Unvaluable Lillie!

That worked, thanks! And how about if I just want to have the first 6 of a 8th beeing tuplet, the 2nd 8th beeing binar again?

Wait… I think Im still not getting it. If I have 1 1/4 with 12 notes beeing tuples, why are they only beeing one 6th tuplets? Shouldnt they be 2 pairs of 6th tuples?

It all comes down to what you put in the popover.
12:8 will give you 12 whatevers in the time of 8.
6:4 will give you 6 whatevers in the time of 4.
3 (the exception that doesn’t need a ratio because it’s so common) will give you 3 whatevers in the time of 2.

Specify “whatever” either by typing the note value before you invoke the popover, or by including it in the ratio e.g. 12:8x for 16ths, 6:4e for eighths, 3:2q for quarters.

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