Tuplet numbers off-center

In Dorico 4, I have a problem with optically centered tuplet numbers showing slightly off-center, to the left. If I nudge vertically in Engrave Mode the number pops into place. I’ve attached a file in its un-edited state. Is there a way to stop this?


Tuplets.dorico (660.5 KB)

They look normal to me. Can you illustrate the difference?

Hi Mark. On my computer, this is how it looks before editing:

After nudging down and back up in Engrave it looks like this:

It’s a small difference, but I think it looks better perfectly centered in the second example. If you move the tuplet vertically, does the number stay in the same place for you?

If I remember correctly, Dorico applies an optical adjustment to the position of the tuplet digits when the tuplet doesn’t have any overridden X/Y values, but as soon as you apply any kind of offset, the optical adjustment is removed.

When I move the tuplets vertically the Start and End Offset switches turn on, and when I move them back into the place all 4 values go back to 0 with the switches still on. Is there a way to have these properties on by default?

It seems to work if I just select the Start Offset switch, so if there’s no way of setting a default I could Select All for an entire project, filter the tuplets and turn the Start Offset on.

No, so far as I can remember there’s no global on/off switch for this behaviour.

OK, thanks @dspreadbury . I wonder why the numbers aren’t centered optically with the brackets in the first place? But at least there’s a way to fix it globally, quickly. My last score using Finale involved moving hundreds of tuplet brackets and numbers individually by hand and with macros, so I’m not complaining!