Tuplet numbers offset

I have got some problems with the offset of tuplet numbers.
In Write/Engrave mode everything looks fine, but when I go to Print mode, the numbers of the tuplets are much too low. I have to set Tuplet Number offset (end-offset or start offset) to 6. Then the print preview and the printed file are ok.
In Write/Engrave mode the numbers now are much too high, but the printing output matters most, I think.
I did’nt find anything about this problem in the forum - or is it possible, that the manual adjusting of staff spacing may cause this problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.
tuplet numbers.PNG
tuplet numbers workaround.png

Can you attach a project that exhibits this problem, please? Don’t forget to zip it up first. If you can reproduce this in every project, then a very minimal project of just a few bars would be ideal.

I can’t reproduce the problem in another project. I erased the notes in some tuplet bars of my project and inserted the tuplets anew - same problem.
In any new project all works fine - Write/Engrave/Print.
I imported the music as *.xml - (via CapellaScan/Sibelius) maybe there the problem lies?
Attached you find the project with the strange behaviour …
Corelli_Sonate_VII_Satz_1-4.zip (718 KB)

What you didn’t mention is that you have gone to some lengths to try to change the appearance of the tuplet digits in your project, editing the ‘Tuplet font style’ in Engrave > Font Styles to use Adobe Garamond Pro. I’m afraid to say you can’t do that, as things stand, because the tuplet numbers don’t use the “3” glyph from any old text font; instead they use a special Unicode character from the SMuFL specification, and only a SMuFL-compliant font like Bravura will work.

So if you edit your ‘Tuplet font style’ back to use Bravura, non-italic, and then select the tuplets and do Edit > Reset Position to undo all of the offsetting you’ve done, you should find that they look the same in both Write and Print modes.

In due course we will expose an interface that will allow you to edit all of the various symbols that Dorico uses for these kinds of things, but I’m afraid you basically can’t make the edit you tried to make as things stand at the moment. Sorry!

Thank your for the fast answer, Daniel. I just detected my mistake by comparing the font Styles of my project with the built-in font styles of a new project: there the dog lied buried …
By changing back to Bravura everything was ok.
In the future I will be very careful not to change font styles which are of basic relevance!

That’s OK! I can completely understand why you would assume that you could change the font used for tuplets in that way: its presence in the list invites you to try it. It’s not at all obvious that something that looks so much like a regular “3” would not actually simply be a “3” character from any old font.