Tuplet Plain Font Digit Display Issue

I’m having an issue with the tuplet plain font. When I use the engraving options to use the Tuplet Plain Font and display all tuplets as X:Y, and then create a tuplet of 7 quavers in the space of 8 (in a 4/4 measure), the “8” in the 7:8 doesn’t display. It substitutes a box or box with question mark, which leads me to believe there’s something causing the specific “8” glyph to not display. I’ve tried this with several typefaces, the result is the same. “7:8” does display when using the Bold Weight or Regular Weight options in the Engraving options.

Screenshots and project file attached.

Dorico 3.5; MacMini running MacOS 10.15.7.

07_sound_01-01.dorico (1.8 MB)

Somehow the glyph has changed in Engrave > Music Symbols > Tuplet 8 plain.
When I go there in your file I see ䷀ (U+4DC0) in place of 8.

However, when I try changing it back to 8 (added as Text in font.tupletplain and deleting the other) now the vertical alignment is off with the bracket. I tried this in my own file and got the same alignment problem, so it would seem I’m not doing it right.

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Interesting. I was able to do the fix you mention. But I’m curious, is this a problem in my own project file or Dorico installation?

I’ve given the factory library a quick check, and the Tuplet 8 plain glyph is set up correctly, so I guess at some point you’ve made a change to your project that has caused this.

Daniel, any idea why editing the symbol as I did would cause the ratio to align with the bracket at the baseline instead of the center? (Not that I’m ever going to run into this myself, just that I want to understand how it works.)

Thanks all. I made the change, @Mark_Johnson, and I haven’t noticed the vertical alignment issue you mentioned.

I think this bug seems to be a Dorico 2 bug. Didn’t you originally create this project in Dorico 2?

I don’t think I created this project in Dorico 2 (I started it a few weeks ago), unless it’s a template of “save as” that’s been hanging around for a couple years—could be!

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