Tuplet popover

Steinberg’s webpage on the tuplet popover says that:

when inputting tuplets with the keyboard, Dorico continues inpuuting notes as the specified tuplet until any of the following happens: * You press Shift-; to return to inputting normal notes; * you move the caret with the arrow keys; * you stop note input

However, I’m finding that if - after inputting tuplets via the popover - I simply continue inputting notes with my mouse, those subsequent notes are no longer tuplets. What does one have to do to continue entering subsequent notes as tuplets?

(Later) A related webpage says:

You can advance the caret using Space to continue inputting tuplets of the same ratio. . .

. . . but I can’t get this to work, either.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!

If you input notes using the keyboard, the tuplet remains sticky. I’ll make a note to check the clarification of that.

Edit: oh wait, yes it does say that in the text already! “when inputting tuplets with the keyboard” - that’s reassuring. The task for Inputting tuplets could possibly be a bit more explicit in this area though. Thanks for highlighting it.

Ah, I see . . . thanks, Lillie. Being new to Dorico, I didn’t realize that “using the keyboard” means using it for BOTH time value and pitch selection, with no use of mouse. (Do I understand you correctly?)

Yes that’s right, you have to input notes within the tuplets using the keyboard for the tuplet to remain sticky. (Although you can click different note durations in the Notes panel, it’s the pitch selection that needs to be with the keyboard.) I think it’s fair that you didn’t immediately understand that, so I’ll review the wording.

For me – and perhaps for everyone who’s new to it – it’s a matter of not only what I learn how to do in Dorico, but when – ie, in what order – I learn it. Because I’ve done fairly advanced notation in Finale for many years, I am using the Index in the Dorico Pro Operation Manual pdf to look up specific things (like “tuplets”), and – as in this case – my confusion was the result of looking up more complex procedures before understanding the basic ones.

That’s completely fine, the manual has to be able to cater for everyone - or at least aspire to. “Every page is the front page” after all :slight_smile:

Great motto! First time I’ve encountered it. :smiley:

I picked it up from our legendary @dspreadbury