Tuplet Problem with 7:2

I am having difficulties getting a result I am looking to get.

I want to get this look but when I try to enter it into Dorico, all I can make it do is this:

Dorico.pdf (13.5 KB)
Even when I try to use Force Duration it gives me the middle note tied over.

I also want it to have sixteenth note beaming not eighth beaming. I think it should be but when I use sixteenth note beaming it fits the sixteenth notes in the space of an eigth.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?

Never mind. I answered my question.

7:4 and not 7:2 in the tuplet tool.

This is because you didn’t select the appropriate rhythmic value before pressing the tuplet popover key. If 16th note had been selected (instead of 8th note) it would have worked. Agood solution to avoid such error in the tuplets area is to explicit your value in the popover : 7:2e where e is 8th note. Or 7:4x where x is 16th note (y is 32th and z is 64th).
Note that you can only explicit the number after the colon in Dorico.

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Thanks. I didn’t respond earlier but that helped.