Tuplet problem

I mapped the drums I played to have a good looking score until I got to a part where the hands are playing 5 or 7 tuplets against quarter not triplets with the bass drums. Then when I created display tuplets in the score, the bass drum notes were put into the tuplet, when they are playing in between those notes. I then tried split instead of single and it put all the notes on the lower staff. Then I tried polyphonic with 2 voices and starting trying to assign to voices and flip stems but that was creating such a mess. I was getting messages about can’t do nested tuplets, though they weren’t, I decided to go back to single mode and see if I could just remove notes from the display view and re-beam separately. But then, as often, Cubase gave an error message and had to close. I am wanting to update from 8.5 but first have to get a new audio card for Win11 and switch from my Win7 3 Firestudio Projects. I sure hope there are improvements because I have several other seemingly insoluble problems preventing me from completing projects fully.