tuplet problem

Hello all, since upgrading to 1.1 my tuplets look weird. Seems like a font problem but I’ve tried changing the tuplet font and it doesn’t help. Anyone know what’s causing the problem here:
Best, Michael

Have you restarted your computer after the update? This usually takes care of some font issues.

Good thought Anders but restarting didn’t help :confused:

Another user had exactly the same problem after updating to 1.1, I just can’t find the exact thread right now. If I remember correctly this had something to do with the fact, that she or he used a custom font style (light?) for tuplet numbers. If you want to get going this evening, try to set the font style to normal for now. I believe this will be fixed in the next patch release.

Yes, Stefan’s quite right: unfortunately some of the glyphs in the optional range in Bravura moved around between 1.0.30 and 1.1, and I didn’t quite correctly compensate for this. It will indeed be corrected in the next update, i.e. you’ll be able to switch back to using ‘Light’ tuplet digits again then.

Thanks both. Great support here. That did it for me. Didn’t get rid of a few overlapping staves but I guess I can fix those later.

Reinstalling Dorico completely didn’t help for anyone thinking of that.

For anyone else who has this problem, this is where you fix it:

Best, Michael