tuplet question

Hi community,

is this normal behaviour?

I have this: am in write mode, have the notes selected and want the 1/16s being converted to a 3:2 tuplet:

  1. When i click on the tuplet icon in the toolbar on the left, it is converted into what i expected, without further ado.
  2. If i go to the menu WRITE/CREATE TUPLET i get a popover with pre-entered 3:2 but have to also press return, then it is also turned into what i expected
  3. But when i use my key command for tuplets (what i would prefer), nothing happens with the notes?!?

There is not even a key command visible in WRITE menu unless i see the caret

Any ideas?
How do you convert normal notes into triplets after you have entered them?
Would love to have them on a key command and just converted.
Do i miss something?

The supported way to do this is using the popover, i.e. typing ; and then confirming or changing the ratio shown in the popover.