Tuplet question

Hello community! I seem to be having a bad math day…

If I were writing this example by hand I would just put these two crotchets here with a 2 tuplet number on top, but in Dorico I’m only able to type it as a 4:5. I think I might be thinking of the ratios wrong…


The reason you can’t simply display it as “2” is because the resulting ratio (“2 in the space of X”) is not an integer. Y:X is typically displayed as integers.

Dorico won’t let you create a " 2 : 2.5" tuplet.

But if you really want to put a “2” over the bar, create the 4:5 hidden tuplet and make a nested 2:2 tuplet inside it.

Duh!!! As soon as I read your replies it hit me like brick wall! Yes, my brain is not right today… I might need to cut down on the Cognac!

Thank for putting up with me!