Tuplet questions

  1. Is there a way to change a tuplet after it’s been created? Let’s say I have a tuplet of 6:4, and I want to re-create it as two tuplets of 3:2 (same speed, just different beaming). Is that possible?
  2. If I have a tuplet let’s say of 6:4 and I want to add another note in that seem beat and make the 6:4 tuplet into a 7:4 tuplet, can I do it, or do I have to re-type the tuplet from scratch?
  3. I know deleting the tuplet bracket will re-write the notes in their rational values, but is the opposite available too? taking a passage that is written in regular 8ths, and turning the existing passage to a tuplet after the fact?

I know none of these are available in any other software, was wondering if maybe dorico was different.

None of these options are available as yet, but they are all planned; Dorico’s underlying notation engine is flexible enough to handle them, so it’s just a matter of them creeping up the priority list far enough to be implemented.

Wooohooo! Thanks Daniel!