Tuplet Repeat behaviour

T/S is 2/4

If I replicate a Tuplet (‘R’ key with everything in the bar selected) I don’t get the three crotchets/quarter notes which I would expect in the second bar; but a dotted crotchet + a tied quaver and crotchet + the final crotchet (the A) in the next bar.

Screenshots illustrate…


Switch chord mode off and you’ll get the result you expect.

Thanks, Daniel. Yes :slight_smile:.

That’s presumably because of the logic which chord creation uses?

What you are seeing is not intentional, but only problematic when chord mode is enabled. It will be fixed in the next patch release.

Thanks Stefan, that’s good to know. Hopefully the patch will arrive soon.

Thanks very much, Stefan; good luck with that patch release :slight_smile: !