Tuplet spanning barline disappears

Weird, In the highlughted area it is 9:8-4 and 7:8-4 and when I select ‘spans barline’ the tuplet bracket and number disappear. And yet, immediately preceding on the page the same pattern is perfectly OK. What is happening here? It’s a 200 page score so somewhat hard to post here.

Dorico 5.0.20, Windows 11 Insider Preview.

Now I found out if I turn on the bracket and number options that it shows. Why is this? I don’t select those options for the others on the page. What has happened across the system break?

I reluctantly asked, in hushed tones, is this a bug?

Go to Engraving Options > Tuplets and check the Repeated Tuplets page, where you can set whether regions with always the same tuplet structure should always show the ratio-bracket or not and, if not, after how many should they disappear (hide).
The default is set to hide after three repeats, which is what seems to be happening here.
You can see that you have signposts for tuplets showing that they are there, but hidden.

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Yes! I am an idiot. Just before your post I realized this like a bolt of lightning. Thanks!

Even though I thought of it too, I’ll make yours as the solution in case others ever hit this.

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Thank you @Andro, and no need to be hard on yourself!
When we’re immersed in music, obvious things slip between our fingers very easily.
Glad I could be of help!