Tuplet Spans Barline — Number Collides with Barline


I often write tuplets that go across barlines. Dorico makes this easy with the “Spans Barline” property of any tuplet. However, the number on the tuplet often collides with the barline, as shown in the attached screenshot, and I can’t find any way to move the number manually in engrave mode.

Does anyone have a workaround for this, or is a fix planned?

Julian Bennett Holmes

You’re right that at the moment there is no way to offset the tuplet digit in a bracket: the only control you have over the horizontal placement is to change the ‘Center’ property, but depending on the note values under the tuplet you might find no difference between ‘Visual’ and ‘Rhythmic’. I’ll make a note of this as something for us to allow in future.

A white background, similar to dynamics, might be a better option than nudging the number sideways.


Both of these could work well — thank you!