Tuplet tool is deactivated when using arrow key

I’m inserting tuplets. During inserting notes the tuplet took is activated. When I make an error and using the left arrow to re-input the note, the tuplet tool is deactivated. Is this a bug?

No, that’s on purpose. You could navigate the caret to the next or previous bar, or up/down, or anywhere indeed (if using mouse input). In all those cases, you would expect tuplet input to deactivate. Left arrow is just the same type of navigation, which is why we deactive the tuplet tool there too.

It stays enabled when you navigate forward with space. In your case, you could also just undo, which would navigate back and allow you to reenter a note under a tuplet.

Ok, thanks, I understand. Is it possible to think about the navigation in Chords? Space bar is forward to the next beat, shft - space bar backward to the previous beat. That’s very fast moving. It would be nice to do this in the tuplets instead of Undo.