tupleting from one beat to the next

hi there,

I feel that Dorico is a bit mercurial in the behaviour of continuing a tuplet mode.

Why is it that sometimes when i’m entering a run of triplets, for instance, it automatically continues the next beat with tuplets,
but other times I have to enter tuplet mode again at the next beat?

thank you!

Tuplets are sticky - they always continue until you stop them.

But if you exit note input and return, you have to re-invoke the tuplets, even if the previous beat has them.

Dorico will always keep entering tuplets unless you leave input mode or type Shift+; in my experience. What are you finding that contradicts that?

The only complication, I think, is if you invoke the tuplet popover with a note value selected that spans a barline. For example, if you have crotchet/quarter selected and your caret is on the last crotchet/quarter beat of the bar, dorico will appears to create two sets of triplets, one on each side of the barline. This is actually one triplet.

I’m finding this very irregular. Sometimes it’s sticky sometimes it’s not.

I suspect you are doing something (without realizing it) which is ending tuplet mode.

For example, if you want to include a rest in a tuplet, you need to hit the space bar to move the caret forward. If you use the arrow keys instead, that will end tuplet mode after the current tuplet is completed.

That is just one example - there may be others. Try to notice exactly what you have done when tuplet node “unsticks”.