Tuplets across Tuplets

Hello, everyone. I’m a Finale user trying out Dorico. Looks amazing, but I work with complex rhythms and I’m figuring out how to do a few things that, although not easy, are feasible in Finale.

Dorico is winning in nested tuplets because Finale has trouble with bigger tuplets inside smaller ones. That’s fine with Dorico. The input mode of tuplets is not that complete as in finale. It seems like you can’t, for example, use different times, like seven 16th notes inside of three 8th notes. Any thoughts on that by Dorico users would be great.

I have a specific question, though. Anyone knows a workaround to create a nested tuplet that starts inside of an outer tuplet and ends inside of another equal outer tuplet? That’s what I’m talking about:

So far, I created two nested tuplets instead of one, but of 5(32nd):4(32nd);

hidden the second nested tuplet lowing the opacity to 0% and dragged the first one to fill the whole space.

and chose not to show the time units, so it looks like a 5(16th):4(16th).

The problem is that I still have a 16th no0tated as two tied 32nd. Does anyone know how to make them look like only one 16th? Or any easier way to make a nested tuplet across tuplets?

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum Castro-Lima. The only way I can think of to make it look like a 16th note crossing the two nested quintuplet is to have a hidden 2:1(32nd) tuplet at the end of the first quintuplet so you can add a 16th note in the duration of 32nd note, and have a hidden rest at the start of the second quintuplet. You will probably need to re-beam the notes manually afterwards.

You can “cheat” to get a 7-16ths : 3-8ths tuplet.

Create a 7-8ths : 3-8th tuplet, then nest a 7-16ths : 14-16ths inside it and hide the 7:14 tuplet’s text and bracket.

(The screen shot doesn’t hide the 7:14, just to show it exists!)
nested tuplet.png

Great insights, folks! I guess that solves both questions. Really appreciate it.