Tuplets - any useful tips in efficiency of workflow when working with a lot of duplets?

Hi all!

I would like to ask the community whether or not they have any tips and tricks for pieces using lots of tuplets. I’ll start with a question. Is there a way to set up key command for 3:4 tuplets? For example, after you press
what can you then input (short hand inputs as well) to make triplets, sextuplets, septuplets…? etc?)


I use AutoHotKey on Windows for all the complex tuplet commands I need to set the new complexity school type music I set (tuplets within tuplets within tuplets…). If you are on Mac, there must be something similar.

It’s free, very sophisticated, easy to learn and has a very extensive and well written user manual.

So you can go outside of Dorico for things like this. I think there is quite a bit on AutoHotKey on this forum, with examples and so on.

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The most helpful thing, I think, is that triplet mode is “sticky” during note input. So when you have multiple tuplets of the same duration you can just keep going with them until you turn it off.

See the 3.5 documentation on tuplet entry for all the details.

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Amazing, I did not know that was available~! I have only been using the mouse key on my Logitech, but they are not macros.
I just looked this company up, Keyboard Maestro 10.2: Work Faster with Macros for macOS
any other recommendations? This costs 36 dollars, which seems reasonable.