Tuplets appearance

Is there a way to make Dorico automatically show a 3:2 tuplet only as 3 and all other tuplets with the “:” sign? (like 4:3)?


No, there’s not.

You can change which type you see but it will affect all tuplets and you’d have to manually change it to the other where necessary.

Oh, that’s a pity.
I have a piece with a lot of 3:2 and 4:3 and I want only the 4:3 to appear that way, a lot of manual work…

You might find it quicker to ctrl-click each 4:3 tuplet (just the number, not the notes) and change the properties for all them at the same time.

The other thing you should be able to do is select a tuplet and then use the arrows to move between each of them.

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yeah, I did it, but still, it’s a time consumer.

You can also select a whole passage and filter for tuplets.

Unfortunately the OP pointed out there is a mix of 3:2 and 4:3 tuplets, but only wants to change the appearance of the later. Filtering does not help in this instance,

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