Tuplets - Automatic Formatting, Beaming, Stickiness, etc

Hello all,

Trying to achieve the attached automatically:
Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 3.04.49 PM.png
a 16th note sextuplet beamed as two groups of 3 and with no tuplet markings. I can do it manually with ‘split secondary beam’ and using the tuplet properties to hide the bracket and number, but I was wondering of there’s a better way. I can suppress the number in the engraving options, but this is project wide (which is not desirable in all flows), and the bracket remains.

At another section I have an eighth note triplet. Engraving options state the no number or bracket appear. I do, however, want to show the number for this specific tuplet. Problem is, there is nothing to select in order to bring up the tuplet properties…

Moving forward, I’d love to see more options for tuplets: per-flow options for suppressing numbers and brackets and automatic suppression of repeated tuplets are the two that come to mind.

I also find that I sometimes lose the ‘stickiness’ of tuplets and I’m not sure why. Seems like clicking in the panels does it (e.g. for double-sharps) and also, when trying to start a bar with a rest within a tuplet, moving the caret along cancels the tuplet and it needs to be recreated. Is that a bug? Am I doing something wrong?


I add my suggestion again, beaming options similar to the ones you can use for time signatures like: [3+3]:8


If you want to edit an ‘invisible’ tuplet you can select its signpost (see attached image).
If the signpost isn’t showing go to the View menu and check Signposts>Tuplets.
Is that snippet from Scirabin btw? :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2016-12-27 20.44.00.png

Thanks! I’ll try that.
Yes, it’s Scriabin. I’m just going through the gnarliest looking etudes and preludes I can find…

Per Jesper’s suggestion, at some point we do plan to introduce a way of specifying what the beat grouping within a tuplet should be, probably in much the same way as you can specify the beat grouping within a time signature in the Shift+M popover. For now, though, you do need to edit the beaming manually as you have found.

Yoyokoko - the signpost solution does not work. It seems that Dorico will not display the signpost unless both bracket and number were hidden explicitly via properties. If they don’t display due to the engraving options then no signpost appears. Daniel, can you confirm that?

Brilliant, thanks Daniel.


I’m also wondering if the team would consider (or if it’s feasible) moving the rules governing tuplet appearance from ‘engraving’ to ‘notation’. They seem to me analogous to beaming and grouping options, and it seems to me desirable to control them on a per-flow, rather than per-project, basis.