Tuplets conversion

Dear all,

Is there a quick way to select a passage with triplets and make them appear as 6:4 instead of 3:2?

Greetings from Luxembourg!

Should be as simple as activating Insert mode (by pressing I), selecting just the triplet brackets, deleting them, then reinputting 6:4 tuplets. Insert mode means all the notes inside the triplets get expanded out, then brought back into the 6:4 tuplets.

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Dear Lillie,

Thank you for your reply and sorry for answering this late…

When I activate Insert mode and select just the triplet brackets and then delete them everything that comes after that moment in the music drifts out of place… Am I doing something wrong?

Best wishes!

This shouldn’t matter. As soon as you put the 6:4 tuplets in the following notes will spring back to where they were before (as long as you’ve left Insert mode switched on).

No, that is the expected behaviour - once you re-input the 6:4 tuplets the subsequent material should be pulled back into place. If not, you could undo everything, copy the passage to another location (e.g. another flow), do the conversion there, then copy back into place. Whichever feels more comfortable/safest.

Insert mode basically prevents anything being overwritten, instead notes are pushed back or pulled forward. This affects subsequent material in the voice too.

I now figured out what the problem was. I selected 9 triplets and deleted the brackets and then made them into 6:4. This resulted in drifting. However if I only choose the first 6 triplets and do the same then everything is where it should be at the end. The result makes sense: 6 notes as 6:4 and 3 notes as 3:2.

Thank you very much for your support!!!