Tuplets in Cubase

Hello, I’m new here…
Not sure this is the place to post a feature request but a link brought here (and this may have been requested before)
It would be great if cubase did tuplets (in what ever number of division you want) there are features for scales and the same would be great for complex rhythms. Like those which are used in the Carnatic rhythmic system.

Western music seems to be mainly about division of 2 and 3, and in order to create new complex rhythms. This would be a great feature, and it is something many good music writers have used.

(I know there is a way of getting around this, but it would be good to have something user friendly and accessible) .


You can do so. Open the Quantize Panel and set the needed value in the Tuplets field, please.

Thank s Martin! I’ll try that. I obviously didn’t look hard enough.