Tuplets in Rhythm grid

This one IS a feature request. Could we please have tuplets available in the rhythm grid. Currently, moving anything other than standard note divisions horizontally is rather trying…

It might help if you explain exactly what you are want to do which is “rather trying”. For example the rhythm grid does display as tuplets, when you are inside a tuplet. (It would be pretty useless if it didn’t!)

I agree working with tuplets isn’t “intuitively obvious” (especially for drum kits) but there might already be a way to do what you want.

Also, if you move by hitting space, you also should find that it respects the chosen note values in respect to the tuplet. Are you talking about the system track?

I think what Ed is asking for is the ability to move notes that are not currently in a tuplet by a tuplet duration, which would have the consequence of creating tuplets and placing the moved notes into those tuplets as appropriate. This is a non-trivial request, to be sure, but I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility for the future.

This would be an extremely useful behaviour. I’m often caught by it.

I would love a solution for this too in the future. Often I write freer-sounding passages where I don’t necessarily want the metre to be audible and so I shift note onsets horizontally by random tuplet amounts (like in the attached Ligeti excerpt) to prevent the metre from being perceived. This would be much less work if I didn’t have to manually create the tuplet before shifting.