Tuplets input error in Dorico 3.5?

So, I follow the tutorial, but I haven’t got the same result… Also, I can’t input basic tuplets (5, 3, 7…)

Those are the screenshots of the tutorial, and I do the same on the other post’s photos.

(Screenshots of my Dorico Project)

Also, I write “5:4 - 5:2 - 5:1” And always it’s 5 half notes…

(Chances are that maybe I don’t understand how it works :unamused: )


You have to select the note duration before you create the tuplet. For example, start note input mode, press 6 for quarter notes, then press ; and type 5:4 to create a tuplet with 5 quarter notes.

Or, you can specify the note duration in the popover, for example 5:4e will create a tuplet with five 8th-notes.

:fearful:Really?? wow, thank you!:joy:🤦