Tuplets not playing back with the correct rhythm?

I’m attempting to enter tuplets for the first time, and they don’t seem to be playing back with the correct rhythm. I found this thread (“Fast Tuplets Playback Issues” Steinberg Forums ) but I have a feeling my problem is much simpler. For example, when I try “resetting playback overrides” (like the other poster did), that doesn’t fix the problem.
That thread mentions a “humanization” setting, but I can’t find it in the app, and nor in the documentation. Is it available in Elements?
Given that it’s my very first time, it’s probably something simple I’m doing incorrectly.

EDIT: I’ve just discovered the “tuplets popover”. I didn’t use that. I simply selected the notes that I wanted to turn into a tuplet, and clicked on the “tuplets” icon in the toolbox. It LOOKS ok on the screen…
I am now reading the documentation.

Can you show us a graphic of what you are trying to enter? And perhaps some type of video or audio file of the incorrect playback. It’s is difficult to try to address your concern with not much information to go on.


Thanks. I’ve just updated my first message. I need to read the documentation. I did something which LOOKS ok in the score, but I don’t think I’ve done everything I need to. Sorry.
I’ll report back after I have read the documentation if I still need help.

I created a separate project to test it, and it’s working fine.
In the original project, I had forgotten to select all the notes, before resetting playback overrides. However, when I do that, the notes in the SCORE shift in time, mucking it all up. So I guess that’s a clue as to what’s wrong?
Before I provide the score, allow me to read up on how to submit copyright material - I’m doing an arrangement of a copyrighted song. (I recall seeing it mentioned somewhere). Either that or I’ll try to strip out as much as I can to reduce the risk to zero.

Ah ha! When I selected just the offending notes, and did a reset overrides on those notes only, it has FIXED the problem.
And guess what? I entered those notes manually - I did NOT record them live.(however, there has been a lot of live MIDI recording in this project - just not in these particular measures)
So, in fact, my problem appears to be very similar to that other thread afterall.
Uploading a project in due course.

Is there a possibility that you’ve moved these notes around in Play mode?

No. I am practically certain. (and definitely not intentionally, if I have at all)

Project attached. Measure 14 not playing back with the correct rhythm, but does after I select all notes in that measure, and Reset Playback Overrides.
tuplets_problem.zip (371 KB)

Thinking about it, now I can’t be absolutely sure I didn’t initially record that measure live, and then do manual editing!!

I’ve opened the most recent MIDI capture file, and it does look like I recorded that measure live initially. I’m terribly sorry.
I think I just forgot about that, because I had done so much manual fiddling in that measure. I’ll be more careful of this from now on.
(and I think I ought to just disable “preserve note positions” when recording)