Tuplets (or adding brackets over notes)

I want to add a bracket over some notes, and it doesn’t look like there’s a feature to do that, so I’m trying an old Finale trick of a Tuplet with equal numbers, in this case, 3 semibreves in the time of 3 semibreves.

I typed in 3:3 with the semibreve selected, but I get two triplets, divided over the bar line. I’m in 3/2, by the way. 2 dotted semibreves in the time of 2 gives the same result, as does 1 dotted breve in the time of 1.

Or is there another way to get a bracket? I’d settle for an Ottava bracket, if I could get rid of the 8va symbol.
Screen Shot.png

Select the tuplet and activate the Spans barline property.


Thanks, Florian.