Tuplets: Schoenberg's 5 Pieces for Orchestra

Hi folks,

I’m engraving the trumpet and cello excerpt from Schoenberg’s 5 Pieces for Orchestra, starting at one after Rehearsal 5.

I can get the 4/3 eighth note tuplets, but can’t figure out how to get the correct 2/3 quarter note tuplets into one measure; see my example 1 and 2 in the Dorico screenshot. Any suggestions?


You’d need to nest the shown tuplet under a hidden tuplet.
Create a 6:3 eighth note tuplet, then create a 2:3 quarter note tuplet, then hide the 6:3 tuplet.
Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with dotted eighths…


And done!! Thanks so much, @pianoleo :slight_smile:

P.S. if anyone’s wondering why this example, it’s one of the figures from Garder Read’s (2004) Orchestral Combinations book, p.83.

This may be a slightly more convoluted way than Leo’s, but I discovered that entering the quarters under the same 4:3 eighths ratio you used for the eighth notes will work if you also set the “Use contracting ratio” switch in the Tuplet Properties.

(It was news to me, but it seems to work.)


Hmm… I would argue that shouldn’t work, even though it does. I thought contracting ratios were do change 12:8 to 3:2, etc, not 4:3 to 2:1.5.

If you switch the last “Number” option on to display the note value, the result is rather misleading.
contracting ratio.png