Tuplets Sortcut

Hello all,

Figuring out how to setup a series of buttons on my control surface to toggle between tuplets (quintuplets, septuplets). I can create quantize presets to reflect these but I can’t find any way to assign them to a keyboard shortcut that would in turn allow me to assign them to the touchscreen buttons… Any ideas?


Do you want to assign your custom presets to a Key Command or the tuplets (quintuplets, septuplets), please?

If you want to assign the Quantization (with the specific value) as a preset, create Logical Editor presets. Store them and assign the Key Commands to the Logical Editor presets.

The preset would look like this (for the 1/4 Note)

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Note )

Action Target
Position | Add | | PPQ
Position | Round by | 480


Hi Martin.
Thanks for that. What I’d love to do is assign a key command to the quantize presets : quantize panel/quantize settings/“preset”. That way I can see the tuplets reflected on the grid (if grid type is set to quantize).

Do you know of any way to do that?


I’m sorry, I’m afraid it’s not possible.