Tuplets with different units on each side of the colon

Hi, everyone. First time posting here.

I’m writing for drums, and I’d like to notate the following measure:

I’ve tried typing “3:3.5” in the popover. Nothing.
I’ve tried using ties. Nothing.
So my question stands for any ratio where the units are different on each side of the colon (e.g. 5-eighths:9-sixteenths, 6-quarters:11-eighths)

Any tips? Am I missing something really simple?


Welcome to the forum, jfriello. You picked a good day to make your first post, just before it became lost in a deluge of threads about the new version! :slight_smile:

Dorico cannot notate this kind of tuplet at the moment. It’s something we have on our backlog for planned future implementation, but it’s not entirely straightforward and it’s not such a commonly-used notation that we have it on top of our pile of things to implement imminently.

Thanks, Daniel. Good to know! Just got my copy of 3. Very much looking forward to exploring all the new features.