Tuplets with differing rhythmic values?


I switched to Dorico 3 from many years on Finale and have been overjoyed with it! But today I ran into a problem and wanted to see if there was a solution.

I am trying to create a tuplet with 3 eighth notes in the space of 7 sixteenth notes. As far as I can tell, Dorico only lets the user put in tuplets with the same base value (e.g. 3 quarters in the space of 2 quarters). Is there something I’m missing, or is this not a feature?

Here’s what I want recreated in Finale:
3 quarters against 7 sixteenths.jpg
Thanks for any help you can offer!

This isn’t a feature. You could create a 6:7 tuplet, hide the number and fudge a Shift+X text item, I suppose.

Thanks very much! Maybe they’ll add it one day.